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Empowering the Future: The "Send" Aspect of Spiritual Multiplication

As we reach the conclusion of our three-part series on the method of spiritual multiplication championed by FOCUS, we turn our focus to the final, pivotal step: "Send." The "Send" aspect is where the true essence of discipleship comes to fruition, empowering individuals to step out in faith, share the Gospel, and make disciples of all nations.


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Nurturing Growth: The "Build" Aspect of Spiritual Multiplication

Welcome to Part 2 of our series, exploring the profound method of spiritual multiplication embraced by FOCUS. Having delved into the "Win" aspect, where we initiate meaningful connections with college students and parishioners, drawing them closer to Christ, we now turn our attention to the second, equally vital step: "Build."


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The Transformative Power of "Win" — Step One in Evangelization

In the heart of FOCUS's mission lies a profound and transformative method of spiritual multiplication, encompassed in three succinct but powerful actions: Win, Build, and Send. Each step is crucial, but today, we spotlight the "Win" aspect, a cornerstone of the impactful work we do with college students and parishioners.


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Benefaction, the FOCUS Way

At the FOCUS Mission Foundation, our approach to fundraising is fundamentally different because we see our donors not just as benefactors but as integral participants in our mission of evangelization.


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Reflections from the Second Annual Founders Forum

In the tranquil surroundings of the Cloisters Resort on Sea Island, Georgia, the second annual Founders Forum, organized by FOCUS and the FOCUS Mission Foundation, took place earlier this month. This event was a meeting of staff and supporters, all drawn together for a weekend of spiritual nourishment, fellowship, and mission.


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Maximizing Tax Savings by Donating Appreciated Assets

Are you looking to reduce your tax bill while simultaneously making a significant impact to FOCUS? One strategic approach that many taxpayers overlook is the donation of appreciated assets. This savvy move not only supports the mission of FOCUS but can also provide substantial tax benefits. Here's how you can save on taxes and give back to the community at the same time.


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Introducing the FOCUS Mission Foundation's New Website and Blog!

Are you passionate about supporting impactful missions while optimizing your financial strategies? Look no further.


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